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Nonmedicinal ingredients crospovidone, lactose monohydrate, and magnesium stearate; capsule shell fd c blue no.

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It is impotant tinstuct patints tadh tditay instuctions and thav blood glucos and glycosylatd hmoglobin tstd gulaly. Duing piods stss such as v, tauma, inction, sugy, mdication quimnts may chang and patints should b mindd tsk mdical advic pomptly. Patints whxpinc an unusually apid incas in wight dma whdvlop shotnss bath oth symptoms hat ailu whil on ACTOS should immdiatly pot ths symptoms ta physician. Tll patints tpomptly stop taking ACTOS and sk immdiat mdical advic i th is unxplaind nausa, vomiting, abdominal pain, atigu, anoxia, dak uin as ths symptoms may b du thpatotoxicity. Tll patints tpomptly pot any sign macoscopichmatuia oth symptoms such as dysuia uinay ugncy that dvlop incas duing tatmnt as ths may b du tbladd canc. Tll patints ttak ACTOS onc daily. ACTOS can b takn with without mals. I a dos is missd on on day, th dos should not b doubld th ollowing day. Whn using combination thapy with insulin oth antidiabtic mdications, th isks hypoglycmia, its symptoms and tatmnt, and conditions that pdispos tits dvlopmnt should b xplaind tpatints and thi amily mmbs. Inom mal patints that tatmnt with ACTOS, lik oth thiazolidindions, may sult in an unintndd pgnancy in som pmnopausal anovulatoy mals du tits ct on ovulation [s Us In Spciic Populations ].

Mmb, th conston diabts contol is unchangd: it is impotant tollow a mal plan and tgt plnty physical activity. Diabts pills a anoth tool thlp manag you blood glucos.

ACTOS is a thiazolidindion that dpnds on th psnc insulin its mchanism action. ACTOS dcass insulin sistanc in th piphy and in th liv sulting in incasd insulin-dpndnt glucos disposal and dcasd hpatic glucos output. Pioglitazon is not an insulin sctagogu. Pioglitazon is an agonist poxisom poliato-activatd cpto-gamma (PPA?). PPA cptos a ound in tissus impotant insulin action such as adipos tissu, skltal muscl, and liv. Activation PPA? nucla cptos modulats th tansciption a numb insulin sponsiv gns involvd in th contol glucos and lipid mtabolism.

Chck you blood suga gulaly as dictd by you docto. Kp tack th sults, and sha thm with you docto. Tll you docti you blood suga masumnts a tohigh tolow. You dosag/tatmnt may nd tb changd. It may tak up t2 t3 months bth ull bnit this dug taks ct.

Saty and icacy pioglitazon in pdiatic patints hav not bn stablishd. ACTOS is not commndd us in pdiatic patints [s Us In Spciic Populations ].

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patients with a medical history of heart disease or stroke as well as liver disease must not take actos as there is a risk of an adverse reaction.