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Interestingly while waiting for some mechanical work to be done on my car today i called into a pharmacy to get some information on aldara and possible side effects, and when i spoke to the pharmacist she flatly refused to speak to me about it, very defensively excused herself, and said that i should discuss the matter with the pharmacist who dispensed it.

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Aldaa is not a cu gnital wats and it may not kp you om spading this condition toths though vaginal, anal, oal sx. You may dvlop nw lsions duing tatmnt with Aldaa. bst sults, kp using th mdicin th nti lngth tim pscibd by you docto.

Aldaa (imiquimod) is an immun spons modii. Aldaa is usd ttat actinic katosis (a condition causd by tomuch sun xposu) on th ac and scalp.

Aldaa (th skin) is alsusd ttat a minom skin canc calld supicial basal cll cacinoma, whn sugy would not b an appopiat tatmnt.

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sub-clinical ak lesions may become apparent in the treatment area during treatment with aldara cream.